Our latest collection Wallflowers, celebrates our introverted side and self-esteem. Inspired by stories of challenging moments and turning points in the lives of my friends and family.

The three rings and one pendant are made from solid gold and silver, set with hidden diamonds and engravings representing the wearers inner spirit. 

Wallflowers centres on five short voice notes sent to Alec by friends, revisiting moments when they felt their heart race. The stories give us a glimpse into the lives of others; first kisses, going to prison, giving birth. Stories different to our own, but with shared emotion, a nervous energy we can all relate to and an ability to embrace change. “I twist my jewellery when I’m nervous, it’s somehow comforting knowing it’s there”. Alec Doherty is an artist working in London. See more of Alec's work.

Alec Doherty